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A Pair of White Corvettes

Here's a 2014 Stingray along with a 2015 Z51 we had in last week for a Gyeon Ceramic Coating. Both Vettes in virtually the same paint and trim. One hardtop and one convertible, two different owners.

The white paints can be deceptive to work with in that flaws are much harder to detect and oxidization can hide in a glaring white finish. As soon as the polishing begins, the clear white sparkle pops out and shows just how much debris was really in what looked like a clean white finish. Once polishing was complete, I went over the vehicle with a clay bar and removed any remaining particulate. Last step before ceramic application is a wipe down with Gyeon Prep, and we're ready to go.

While ceramic base coating is curing, I work on the wheels. Gyeon Rim is my coating for wheels and calipers. The look and ease of cleanup is nothing short of amazing. Brake dust simply rinses off and leaves the surface shiny and ready to roll. After wheels I apply a round of Gyeon Flexi top coat and complete the paint coating with infrared. With an application of Gyeon Leather to the seats and console as well as Gyeon Fabric Coat to the carpet and mats, these buggies were ready for show or go!

Please feel free to stop by and take a look at our latest projects and we can put a detail or ceramic package together to suit your automotive needs.

Don't forget, Concorso now offers Xpel Clear wrap and ceramic tinting for the latest and greatest in complete protection!

Polish On!

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