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Ceramic coatings represent state-of-the-art technology in paint protection. The silicon dioxide (quartz) molecules in Gyeon ceramic coating are much smaller than the surrounding clear coat or paint molecules, allowing the quartz molecules to penetrate between the paint or clear coat molecules, forming a covalent bond with your car’s painted surface almost instantly. Once cured to a 9H hardness level, you’ll enjoy superb looks and ease of cleanup for years to come.

The level of Gyeon products that we apply are available only to Gyeon-certified detailers, of which we are one of only a handful in the state of Texas. Our warranties range from five years to the newly-introduced Gyeon Infinite Warranty. At Concorso, we strive to offer the highest quality ceramic coating on the market and we aim for perfection every time.

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For customers seeking top-notch paint protection but whose desire or budget may not allow for a full clear wrap, Gyeon ceramic coatings are our recommendation.

Full ceramic coatings at Concorso start at $1200 for small cars and increase based on the size of your vehicle. Boats, RVs, airplanes, and other vehicles are priced by quote.




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