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We are a Gyeon Certified Detailer. Gyeon offers the highest level of technology and finish protection available today.  Almost all automotive finished can be protected with the following Gyeon Products:

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GYEON Quartz Certified Dealer Concorso Detailing of Texas
GYEON Quartz Concorso Detail Concorso Detailing of Texas

Q2M Cure – Enhances gloss and longevity of your chosen coating.             

Q2M Iron – Effective iron remover - removes brake dust and ferrous contaminates from wheels, paint and glass.

Q2M Prep – Properly cleans the surface prepared for coating.

Q2M Bathe – PH neutral wash.

Q2M Bathe+ - Boost existing coating with just a wash.

Q2M Wet Coat – One of my personal favorites.  Enhances gloss and hydrophobic of applied waxes and coatings.  Can add up to 12 weeks of protection.

Q2M Tar – Removes tar, sap and other contaminates safely from wheels, paint, glass and trim.

Q2M Water Spot – Removes water spot from fresh coating easily.

Gyeon Q2 Can Coat – Excellent coating protective in a spray can.  Provides up to 6 months of protection with excellent depth and gloss with water beading second to none.

Fabric Coat Q2 – Offering excellent protection from the elements both inside and out.  Water beads on fabric tops, upholstery and carpet.  Provides for a quick cleanup of spills as well as your convertible fabric top.

Leather Coat Q2 – Provides an invisible layer of leather protection while keeping the original matt leather finish.

MOHS Q2 – Very hard protective paint coating available today.  Reduces scratching as well as offering excellent durability and super hydrophobic effect.

MOHS+Q2 – Contains the hardest Q2MOHS coating and Q2Phobic top coating while offering unsurpassed visual effect and superb hydrophobic results.

Q2Dura Bead – Offering the finest in paint coatings protection.  Dura Bead brings all the advantages of MOHS coatings together with the highest level of hydrophobic effect available today, as well as being one of the most anti-static products for automotive paint thus attracting much less dirt and dust in the first place.

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