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XPEL Dallas - Driving in DFW means your vehicle can come into high-speed contact with a vast array of road debris and chemicals. From acid rain to chemical splashes in the road, road paint, rocks, dirt, and more, DFW is the perfect storm for cosmetic car abuse. Xpel Clear Wrap provides the ultimate car paint protection to combat the many threats to your vehicle’s finish. Combined with a ceramic coating, the look and level of protection for your vehicle is unsurpassed.

Xpel Clear Coat is an 8mm thick material that covers the painted exterior of your car and offers top tier protection to your vehicle. When impacted, the Xpel clear wrap utilizes self-healing technology to minimize damage and keep the great looks of your vehicle.

Xpel Clear Wraps can be customized to fit part of your car or the whole body, depending on your budget or need. Pricing starts at $650 for a partial wrap and increase depending on the particular needs of your vehicle.

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