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Blown Away

Tony did a full polish and ceramic coating on this Lamborghini Huracan platform with one of the most unique orange metal flake finishes we’ve ever seen. We love Lamborghini styling because it gives us a great opportunity to show off the reflectivity naturally found in Gyeon’s finest ceramic coatings. This color, when rolled out into the Texas sunshine, was absolutely breathtaking!

Several rounds of polishing were required to bring out this exquisite level of detailing in the paint, but each pass got us closer to perfection. Once applied, the Gyeon Base and DuraFlex ceramic is then cured under infrared lighting to maximize the integrity of the coating. The end result is a lifelong ceramic coating finish backed by the Gyeon Infinite Warranty.

For more information or to schedule a ceramic application, please call Tony at 214-914-1270.

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