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A Corvette, a GTO, a McLaren, and a Cobra!

We've been busy here at Concorso and a little behind in post's, so here's a little story about some of the recent work.

The other day we had a Corvette show up that wanted a complete work over and Gyeon Ceramic Coating in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot. We started with running gear and undercarriage and went from there. The custom scheme is crazy and the show quality paint by KoKo is fantastic. All work is painted, no decals here. All finished to the highest level of shine possible and topped with a Gyeon Ceramic Coating. Once finished, we took the Wild Thing out for some pictures and out of nowhere, an Old Goat shows up, not to be outdone by the Corvette hotshot!

The GTO is a 55-year-old example of what a Hot Rod looked and ran like in "The Day". With a 389 Tri Pack, this red convertible could run with anybody. Trying to keep these two from getting too hot around each other was tough enough and then this McLaren kid stuck his nose in the middle of everything. Looking good from a recent Gyeon Ceramic Coating, he hung around long enough to bring out the real tough guys. Mr. Hennessey and one they call "The Snake". A polished aluminum Cobra!

The Hennessey is number 5 of 25 and The Supercharged Engine produces 800 HP. Certified by Hennessey to go 200 + miles per hour. Maybe faster with a Gyeon Ceramic Coating. The Polished Aluminum Cobra is a true Beast. The 527 cubic inch fuel injected engine produces near 600 HP at the rear wheels and weighs in at an ultra-light 2000 LBS. Though not a Ceramic project, we had 30 hours of intense polish time in the Cobra to produce the near mirror finish. We prepped this one for the Leake Auction in Oklahoma City this weekend and look forward to the presentation Saturday around 2:00.

Well, after it was all said and done, we were able to keep the peace around here, and all the Peacocks went home without incident. Though very loud! Spring is rapidly approaching and Show Season is upon us, so give us a call and we'll get you on the schedule for a great Detail, Ceramic Coating, XPEL Clearwrap, window tint or all of the above!

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