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The Electric Blue Range Rover

Last week we had a 2019 Range Rover in a color I can only describe as “electric blue” in for a full ceramic coating. Although absolutely stunning, somehow I just couldn’t see it crossing the Australian Outback...

This is a highly refined example of how noticeable a ceramic coating can be when properly applied. I emphasize “properly applied” because proper studio conditions are absolutely essential to the clarity and consistency of your ceramic finish. While all paints respond differently, our aim is to maximize the quality of the finish. In the case of this particular Range Rover, the combination of color and contrast is almost unbelievable!

Along with the great looks, the ease of future cleanup is an equal benefit! Once applied, the Gyeon coatings we use at Concorso provide five years to infinity in warranty.

Call us today and set up an appointment to have your car ceramic coated, detailed, or clear wrapped. (214) 914-1270

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