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911 Turbo and a 70's Land Rover

We have had a crazy week this week and next week looks to be the same. Here's a sample of some of the work going on around here. The odd shot is a vacuum hose reflection in the hood of a car. Crazy!

The Gulf Blue 911 Turbo was sent over from Xpel for a Gyeon Ceramic Coating over the clear wrap on the entire car. Offering as much protection from road debris and grime as can be had on a car, the clear wrap, ceramic coating combination makes a great one, two punch.

The Green machine is an early 70's Land Rover that we had in for a complete polish out and detail. The before and afters tell the story. We had a few hours of polishing to remove the old and heavily oxidized original paint. Waiting there, just under the surface, was a near new shine that really popped.

Always a challenge, but worth the effort when you see the end result.

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