Two Vintage Porsche's, and a Jaguar

Today we have three vintage models that have universal appeal. The two 356's are near perfect examples and came to us for show prep and ceramic work. The Jag is also a beautiful example of timeless design and beauty. All three needed substantial correction to bring out the outstanding quality of the paint. All underwent several rounds of aggressive polishing to clear up and then two rounds of finish polishing to finalize. Once squeaky clean we applied Gyeon's finest Ceramic Coating. The two-step process is state of the art and leaves a beautiful, extremely slick and long-lasting finish. The looks of all three classics speak for themselves. #Xpel #PaintPolishing #Jaguar #Gyeon #Ceramic

A New Ford GT, and a Bronze Cobra

The GT is the latest and greatest from the engineers at Ford. A true American made exotic. The GT came to us straight from the factory and still required substantial polish time to take out the hazing that could be found on much of the car. After considerable prep, we applied a Gyeon Ceramic Coat over a newly applied Xpel Clear Wrap. The results were spectacular as expected. Along with the GT we had another polished metal wonder in to work on. A Kirkham built 1965 AC Cobra. A fantastic hand-built Cobra with the Bronze finish upgrade. What a car. We had more hours in polish time than I care to repeat, but the end result was a mirrored beauty ready for any show. Bring us your favorite

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