A few Porsche's from last year!

Here's a few projects we ended the year with, all beautiful Porsche's. To start the New Year, we are a proud sponsor for RAC's Grand Re-Opening tomorrow night from 6:00 -10:00 Come and join us for great food, fantastic company and dozens of the coolest cars in town. All presented in RAC's new Headquarters @ 3221 Skylane Dr. in Addison. #GyeonCoatings #GyeonCeramicCoating #Xpel #Gyeon #AutoDetailing #CarPolishing #ConcorsoDetail #CeramicCoating

A Pair of White Corvettes

Here's a 2014 Stingray along with a 2015 Z51 we had in last week for a Gyeon Ceramic Coating. Both Vettes in virtually the same paint and trim. One hardtop and one convertible, two different owners. The white paints can be deceptive to work with in that flaws are much harder to detect and oxidization can hide in a glaring white finish. As soon as the polishing begins, the clear white sparkle pops out and shows just how much debris was really in what looked like a clean white finish. Once polishing was complete, I went over the vehicle with a clay bar and removed any remaining particulate. Last step before ceramic application is a wipe down with Gyeon Prep, and we're ready to go. While cerami

One Gorgeous Corvette

The owner brought this new Corvette Grand Sport for a complete polish, prep and Gyeon Ceramic Coating. I had three rounds of polishing on this incredible car in order to find the real luster and depth a jet-black finish can offer. As you may have read here before, one of the keys to success with black vehicles is attention to the consistency in clarity and gloss in the finish. Once prep was completed, I applied the Base Coat by Gyeon and allowed time for curing. After the base was cured, I applied a top coat of Gyeon-Flexi and cured under infrared heat. The end result is just Beautiful! A great looking example of an American Automotive Icon. #GyeonCoatings #PaintPolishing #Xpel #AutoDetailin

2016 Porsche Cabriolet and a 2018 Jaguar

We closed out 2018 with a rush of Black cars. Here's a look at 3 with more to follow in the next couple of days. The Porsche is a 2016 Cabriolet and the Jag is a 2018 Sedan. Both are just beautiful cars. I had extensive polish work on both to prep for Gyeon Ceramic Coating. The paint on both was very hard, but once the right combination of polish and pads was figured out, the result was spectacular. #PaintPolishing #CeramicCoating #CarPolishing #AutoDetailing #Xpel #Gyeon #GyeonCoatings #Porsche #ConcorsoDetail

Supercharged Escalade

Here's a new Escalade that the owner sent to Hennessey down in Sealy, TX for a bit of customization. Wheels, brakes, pin stripping and "A Supercharger". Once completed, they had it brought it here for a little TLC. This buggy will get you and 6 friends to the golf course in a real hurry. A stunning vehicle that is an absolute beast. Although new, I still had quite a bit of polishing to do before I could start coating. After all polishing and prep was completed, I applied a coat of Gyeon Base and the Black metallic paint really came alive. After several hours, I applied a top coat of Gyeon-Flexi and the end result was fantastic. #ConcorsoDetail #CeramicCoating #CarPolishing #Gyeon #AutoDetail

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